from deepest darkest peru

In early 2014 I flew home for a couple of weddings and to visit my family, but also to meet my goddaughter Ruby for the very first time. Wandering around Hamley's one afternoon in search of a present, I saw Paddington Bear. With his little suitcase, his red boots, anorak and hat, he was perfect.

Shortly before I flew, it became apparent that Paddington was going to have to travel with me on the flight, as he wouldn't fit into my main suitcase. A friend suggested that he might quite enjoy the journey as it would be more comfortable than his trip from deepest darkest Peru. With this idea, Paddington was off on another adventure. 

I decided to document Paddington's journey to meet Ruby. Much to the delight of my fellow travellers, I photographed him along the way - on buses, in train stations, in the airport, on the plane - all the way to New Zealand. 

I then wrote a little story about Paddington's new adventure and his quest to travel to the other side of the world and hopefully find a new friend along the way. I layered the story with the photos and with maps of each location. It was printed and bound into a one-off book for Ruby and sent to her for a 2nd birthday present.

I hope that she likes Paddington's adventure when she's a bit older. For now, I'm informed that she's mostly interested in trying to take his boots off and wear them herself. The girl's got style already. 

Here's a few of the pages from the final book and it's added to the work section of my site here.