sweet april showers do spring may flowers

It's been a busy couple of months. I've had a bucket load of freelance work which has consumed my every waking moment, as well as a trip back home to New Zealand. I've had weddings, birthdays, family occasions, and I kind of, sort of, bought a house(!). I've not had any days where time could wander and I could do as I choose.

Which is why today was everything. It was the first day that I've had off in months and the sort of Spring Sunday that stretched on and on. I slept in, went for a ride along the river path, baked a pineapple cake, and had a tinker round with some watercolours outside in the sunshine.

Picking up from the constellation piece I made for baby Hunter, I wanted to do something with watercolours again, so paired a soft blush with a cameo-style silhouette. The photos were taken on my phone so they're a bit rubbish, but the idea is there.

Up next on the To Do list of life - actually update this website so it reflects recent work. To be continued...