new brand, who dis?

I've been working in-house at MarketInvoice as their designer since 2015. During this time, they have grown from being a distruptive start-up offering invoice finance into a more established business finance company with multiple solutions. With this growth came the need for a new identity to better reflect MarketInvoice's positioning. 

MarketInvoice hired Shoreditch-based agency SomeOne to develop a new brand. They took inspiration from the notion of positivity that sits at the core of the MarketInvoice ethos. Businesses can face a lot of complexity and challenge when it comes to getting funding, so the new brand is bright and bold to challenge the status quo. 


SomeOne developed the core branding elements - logos, fonts, colour palettes, tone of voice, and some key mockups and brand guidelines to show direction. They handed this toolkit to us and we executed the brand across all collateral.

It was the biggest brand overhaul I’ve worked on to date, and the organisation and coordination involved to get the new brand live on the launch date was exciting. One of the biggest challenges was defining the rules whilst nurturing the new brand. We were conscious that every decision we made, whether on the opacity of a gradient over a picture, the hierarchy of typography sizes, even the type of bullet point, would have far-reaching consequences. Every decision was noted and added to the brand guidelines so that the brand is robust and consistent for years to come.

There was also the challenge of education within the wider MarketInvoice team. We had to hunt out existing collateral, rebrand it, educate the team on how to use the new brand and to banish pesky elements from the old brand that kept finding their way back in. 

It culminated in a 1 am finish: the new website live, all social platforms updated, all new marketing materials printed, all new brand welcome packs for staff laid out. And then we were there. 

Read MarketInvoice's blog on the rebrand here and see some of the work that I have created for MarketInvoice here.