Nora Charles: “I’ll be with you in two shakes of a cocktail.”

One of my favourite things about freelancing is that it allows me to squirrel away morsels of knowledge on a variety of topics. Cryptocurrencies? Can give you a shaky run down. Main players in the Syrian war? I can regurgitate information written for 10 year olds. Strategies for developing talent in a FTSE 500 company? I can name a few. 

My favourite new morsel involves cocktails. Specifically a Nick & Nora glass. Named for a husband-and-wife duo in the 1934 film The Thin Man. Apparently it's a deeper, more spill-proof cousin of the coupe glass, and has recently made a comeback in the cocktail world.

This morsel came via some recent work I did for BACARDI, celebrating their 2017 BACARDI Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. The event took place in Berlin in April, and I was tasked to create a recipe book that showcased both the incredible cocktails designed for the competition, as well as the atmosphere of the week-long event. I was lucky to work with beautiful photography, a lovely brand palette, and as always, the amazing people at LAB 5 Agency who run the competition.