the communication with a difference award goes to...

Balancing the books!

In December last year, I wrote about designing a Shorthand report for Euromoney Thought Leadership and Deloitte on the aviation tax industry. Well, it won 'Communication with a Difference' in the Shorthand Awards 2017! Woo!

Kudos has to go to Shorthand for making such a great platform which makes it a joy to create data-driven stories, and to Euromoney Thought Leadership who really understand how to interpret data to tell a compelling narrative. Shorthand has just launched Shorthand 2.0, so I'm excited to get my hands on that in the coming months and play with the new features and tell more stories! 


This story was praised for the way it used interactive features and data visualisation to make a report, which could have all too easily followed a PDF-format. Instead, this is digital storytelling at its best - proving it pays off to go against the grain.


This is thought leadership brought to life. It really keeps you engaged.
This brings to life a topic that perhaps could be considered more 'dry'. Well done to the team for trying something different.

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  • Scott Manson, director of content at OglivyOne UK
  • Jora Gill, chief digital officer at The Economist & non-executive board member at Quality Care Commission
  • Sasha Koren, editor of the mobile innovation lab at The Guardian
  • Jonathan Albright, research director at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University & faculty associate at Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
  • Vin Ray, founding director of the BBC college of Journalism & chair of the board of trustees at Ockenden International
  • Charley Sutton, deputy head of editorial at Barcroft Media
  • Robb Montgomery, author & teacher specialising in mobile journalism

how do you make tax data compelling?

Gifs. Lots of gifs.

In January, I created a report for Euromoney Thought Leadership (EIITL) and Deloitte on the aviation tax industry. A few months ago they came back to me to create another report, this time on how the introduction of a new international accounting standard will reshape the balance sheets of companies that rent valuable equipment.

The previous report used photography to help tell the story, so we wanted to try something different this time around. Animated gifs constructed from aviation-themed icons in the Deloitte and EIITL colours created a bright visual language. I used colour to theme the report sections, and created featured charts that referenced aircraft dashboards, departure boards and radar screens.

You can see the full interactive report here:
(it's fully mobile responsive, but looks best on a desktop).

There is also a downloadable PDF available at the end of the report.


helping small businesses

Nucleus, a commercial finance company, needed an infographic to help explain one of their products. A business cash advance works by allowing small businesses that sell goods via credit cards and debit cards to get a loan. They then repay that loan as a percentage of their daily credit card takings. This means that whether the business has a good day or a bad day, they only repay what they can afford.

Nucleus wanted the infographic to be character-led, and to have the ability to translate well into an animation. 


explaining digital currencies

Most people have heard of Bitcoin. Most people can't explain exactly what it is. But the subject of digital currencies isn't just restricted to Bitcoin - there is the prospect of mainstream centralised currencies and how they could affect developed market economies.

The multinational law firm Baker McKenzie teamed up with the good people at Euromoney Institutional Investor Thought Leadership (EIITL) to create a cryptocurrencies hub that would help to explain some of the challenges of this new financial world.

One of the requests was to create an infographic that would help to explain the different types of currencies. EIITL came to me, and together we worked through the subject to work out the best way to show a complicated topic. As the centralised currencies currently don't exist, and the decentralised currencies wildly differ, we needed to keep things simple. In the end, we settled on a flow chart that showed how the currencies were similar or different, under several broader themes.

You can view the whole infographic below, or on the Baker McKenzie website here 


game changer not came over

Six months ago I created a report for Euromoney Thought Leadership (EIITL) on Shorthand, a digital storytelling platform. The feedback from EIITL and from their client Baker & Mackenzie was incredible, so within a few months, EIITL were back with a new client, a new subject, and a new Shorthand challenge.

They were working with Deloitte to dig into the tax and related regulatory challenges facing aviation finance. Immediately I was excited as while tax is not a thrilling subject to visualise, the aviation element conjured up all sorts of interesting images. 

Shorthand had also upped their game in the previous months and had introduced a full screen reveal feature which meant that charts and graphs could build in a more exciting way.

I worked closely with EIITL to define the branding (Deloitte led, but with EIITL elements) and work out the best charts and statistics to feature. I'm really happy with the result, and once again, thanks to Shorthand for building such a great product. 

You can see the full interactive report here:
(it's fully mobile responsive, but looks best on a desktop).

the unquoted story

Last week I created an infographic for Unquoted, who are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build an Investor Relations platform. The infographic is split into four sections that they can share over their social platforms to help spread the word to potential investors.