Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy

Founded in 1992, Gerrard International is a family owned and run beauty business that has a portfolio of leading professional beauty brands. Susan Gerrard is an icon in the UK beauty industry, and in 2018 they launched the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy.

Working with the marketing cosmetics genius that is Mary Tabitha from Mii Cosmetics Australia, we created a visual identity and course materials to get the Academy up and running.

The logo is constructed from a nested S and G, finished in luxe textures.

| Client: Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy
| February 2018

Infinity Funding

Infinity Funding is a consultative service that works in the business finance sector. They match businesses who need finance with the right lender.

The client wanted a futuristic feel so I looked to astrophotography to provide colour inspiration. I fell instantly in love with an image of the Eagle Nebula that had an otherworldly palette of blues and fluorescent greens. The logo features an infinity symbol constructed of modular sections which translates to a bespoke iconography style used on other materials.

| Client: Infinity Funding
| December 2017

The Grub Club

The Grub Club provides free cooking classes to low-income families. School children and their parents attend the class to learn how to cook nutritious and affordable meals in a fun environment. The club is based on the knowledge that when we eat well our brains can function fully and we can reach our full potential. 

For the logo, I drew a chubby yellow pepper and overlaid a distressed texture to convey the messy get-involved fun of the club. Hand-drawn style typeface is Faith and Glory.

| Client: The Grub Club
| August 2016

International Publishers Congress

The International Publishers Congress is an annual event that brings together over 600 leaders from the international publishing world. 

For the logo, I included references to an open book and the act of writing, but by turning the book into an abstract sunrise, it also references the new digital dawn of publishing. The bright warm palette translates well onto other materials, from the website, to banners and brochures.

| Client: International Publishers Association
| Event logo and web banners
| March - May 2015