Cocktails &.

Cocktails &. is a drinks experience platform that delivers quality craft cocktails at high speed and large volumes. LAB 5, the agency behind Cocktails &. have a driving passion for creating unique cocktail experiences that continue to lift the benchmark. Since 2010 they have delivered events across four continents, ten countries and fifteen cities, from small events at short notice to ones that have been nine months in the planning and have multi-million dollar budgets. 

The project:
To create a drinks experience brand in the New Zealand market. My role was to execute their vision across all mediums in time for their launch event at Auckland Cup Week. Assets included logo creation, pitch deck, social branding, Squarespace website, invitations
drink labels and signage, print ads and posters.

| Client: Cocktails &.
| January – March 2018

All event photography © LAB 5