Gerrard International

Since 1992, Gerrard International have been providing professional beauty products to 5,000+ UK spas, beauty salons and mobile therapists.

The challenge: Gerrard International offers eleven different brands – from nail and pedicure products, to their own makeup, brow and tanning line. With such a variety of brands, it was difficult to explain their offering to potential clients without overwhelming them with heavy information packs and product brochures.

The solution: An A5 folder that introduces the Gerrard International business with individual brand cards that slot in. The folder provides the story and history of Gerrard International, while the brand cards provide a brief overview of the each product line can be easily updated and swapped out depending on what is relevant for the potential client. 

To tie all the products together, we designed a passport theme with a "world of beauty" stamp. This has been so successful that Gerrard have now redesigned their business cards and event stands to use this theme. 

| Client: Gerrard International
| Partner: Silver Ghost Communications
| Branded folder with product cards
| December 2017