Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy

Founded in 1992, Gerrard International is a family owned and run beauty business that has a portfolio of leading professional beauty brands. Susan Gerrard is an icon in the UK beauty industry, so in 2018 they launched the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy to share her expertise.

The wonderful Mary Tabitha from Mii Cosmetics Australia and I worked together to create a visual identity, handbook and course materials to get the Academy up and running.

| Client: Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy
| Logo and brand identity, handbook, course manuals and forms
| 2018

Brand identity
The logo features a monogram made up of an S and a G nested together.
The basic logotype is black and white which gives it the flexibility to be filled with colours and textures.

An A5 guide for new recruits to the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy. It explains the Academy ethos, code of conduct and rules. The design features the curves from the logo, which provide space for photography throughout. In addition, I photographed some of the Gerrard International beauty products to use as flat lay imagery.

Teaching manuals
A coursework manual given to each student to complete throughout each course.

Enrolment forms