The Economist Educational Foundation

I've been involved with the Foundation since its inception in 2012. Initially I helped as a volunteer - designing logos and fundraising proposals, creating digital content for their website, to staging their annual event.

As the Foundation has grown, so has their need for design. I work two days a week in-house with the team, creating everything from the websites, events, learning resources, social media content.


The Economist Educational Foundation enables young people to be involved in decisions affecting their lives by helping them develop thoughtful voices on social, political and economic issues.

We work with ten year olds and upwards in the UK who particularly need to be able to have their say. Using The Economist’s journalistic expertise, we provide these young people with inspiring opportunities to learn about current affairs and develop the skills to engage with them in an open-minded and constructive way. 

| Client: The Economist Education Foundation
| 2012 - ongoing

Economist Foundation website

Wordpress website that showcases who the Foundation is and what we do as a charity. I wrote a bit about the construction of this site in a blog post. Or have a look through the site at economistfoundation.org

The Burnet News Club

A network of school news clubs that equip young people with thoughtful voices on the social, political and economic issues that affect their lives. We recruit teachers to establish and run a participating club in their school and we provide the training, resources and content. Every six weeks the club members tackle a current issue that is in the news. 

I design and manage the Hub – the online platform that club members use to discuss the current issue. I also work closely with the Programme Director and Content Editors to design resources that help bring the issue to life.

Check out what the children have to say on the important issues at www.burnetnewsclub.com



The News Show

The 2014 event turned 300 primary school children into young journalists, and invited them along to The News Show. The Foundation worked with PunchDrunk to put on a live news show to inspire the children to be more interested in current affairs by giving them a magical, unforgettable experience that shows how exciting the news can be. 

| Event design (set, lighting, effects, sound, stage entrances), AV design, press packs, stage management

Science event

The first event, on July 13th 2012, was about science. We brought 227 children from London schools to Kings Place near Kings Cross for a day of science lectures, comedy, interactive activities and hands-on experiments. 

Click through the slideshow above to see images from the event

| Event design (set, lighting, effects, sound, stage entrances), AV design, event photography