explaining digital currencies

Most people have heard of Bitcoin. Most people can't explain exactly what it is. But the subject of digital currencies isn't just restricted to Bitcoin - there is the prospect of mainstream centralised currencies and how they could affect developed market economies.

The multinational law firm Baker McKenzie teamed up with the good people at Euromoney Institutional Investor Thought Leadership (EIITL) to create a cryptocurrencies hub that would help to explain some of the challenges of this new financial world.

One of the requests was to create an infographic that would help to explain the different types of currencies. EIITL came to me, and together we worked through the subject to work out the best way to show a complicated topic. As the centralised currencies currently don't exist, and the decentralised currencies wildly differ, we needed to keep things simple. In the end, we settled on a flow chart that showed how the currencies were similar or different, under several broader themes.

You can view the whole infographic below, or on the Baker McKenzie website here