how do you make tax data compelling?

Gifs. Lots of gifs.

In January, I created a report for Euromoney Thought Leadership (EIITL) and Deloitte on the aviation tax industry. A few months ago they came back to me to create another report, this time on how the introduction of a new international accounting standard will reshape the balance sheets of companies that rent valuable equipment.

The previous report used photography to help tell the story, so we wanted to try something different this time around. Animated gifs constructed from aviation-themed icons in the Deloitte and EIITL colours created a bright visual language. I used colour to theme the report sections, and created featured charts that referenced aircraft dashboards, departure boards and radar screens.

You can see the full interactive report here:
(it's fully mobile responsive, but looks best on a desktop).

There is also a downloadable PDF available at the end of the report.